UKFPO Webinars

ARCP, Curriculum and e-Portfolio Webinars

UKFP curriculum & e-portfolio webinar – 26 October 2022

Webinar exploring the PSG and e-portfolios.

Please click here to watch the recording of the webinar.  

Horus e-portfolio & pay, rota and locums – 7 September 2022

Navigating through your portfolio and balancing all the WBAs can be hard. Making sense of your payslip, maximising your rotas and considering locums can be a juggle. Click here to watch the recording.

UKFP curriculum & e-portfolio webinar – 12 July 2022

The UKFPO hosted a curriculum webinar aimed at educational and clinical supervisors, foundation school managers and medical education managers exploring the 2021 curriculum and e-portfolios.

Please click here to watch the recording of the webinar.

UKFP 2021 Curriculum

For graduates and foundation doctors (held Tuesday 13 July 2021)

For trainers (held Wednesday 21 July 2021)

For international medical graduates (IMGs) (held Thursday 5 August 2021)

UKFP 2020 ARCP (held 25 March 2021)

Foundation ARCP Webinar

Foundation ARCP Webinar FAQs

UKFP 2020 e-Portfolio (held 17 September 2020)

Webinar recording

Webinar slides (Further information about FP e-portfolios)

Application Webinars

UKFP 2023
Pre-allocation process (held 01 September 2022)

UKFP 2022

Eligibility application process (held 13 July 2021)

Eligibility application process (held 20 July 2021)

Main FP application process – for applicants (held 23 August 2021)

Main FP application process – for applicants: (held 6 September 2021) – recording coming soon.

Situational Judgement Test (SJT): (held 27 September 2021)

*All webinars are recorded and posted here afterwards.

There are lots of helpful resources available to applicants on our Programmes pages!