UK Foundation Programme

UK Foundation Programme

Here you will find information about how to apply to the 2-year Foundation Programme and Stand-alone programmes.

News and Updates

UKFP 2025 Eligibility Application Deadline Extension

Over the weekend, some urgent maintenance will be carried out on Oriel.

Oriel will be unavailable between 21:00 (BST) 19 July 2024 and 05:00 (BST) 20 July 2024. Apologies for the inconvenience this may cause

In recognition of the impact that the Oriel system downtime will have on UKFP 2025 Eligibility applicants, a decision has been made to extend the application deadline until 24 July 2024 (12:00 midday BST).

UKFP 2025 Application dates – 08 July 2024

The application window for the 2025 Foundation Programme will open 25 September 2024 and will close 09 October 2024 (12:00 midday BST).

Applicant guidance, forms and the application timeline will be published on the 2-year foundation programme page in due course

UKFP 2025 Eligibility Application Process – 18 June 2024

The 2025 application timeline and guidance is now published and can be found on the Eligibility Applications page. 

The Eligibility application window will open 03 July 2024 and will close 23 July 2024 (12:00 midday BST). Applicants are advised to read the summary of 2025 Key Changes.

UKFP 2025 – 24 May 2024

The UKFPO manages the recruitment for the Foundation Programme on behalf of the four statutory education health bodies (SEBs) and does not determine programme numbers across the UK.

Each nation determines the number of programmes they will make available and in recent years, despite significant oversubscription, the four nations have increased post numbers, to ensure all eligible applicants have been allocated to a programme.

Details for UKFP 2025 recruitment will be made available following full consideration by each of the four UK SEBs and devolved administrations and these details will be confirmed once the recruitment year begins in autumn 2024.

UKFP 2025 Changes to Pre-allocation criteria – 24 May 2024

For further information see our Foundation Programme (UKFP) webpage.

IMPORTANT – Eligibility Criteria for 2025 – 5 March 2024

For further information see our important notice on Eligibility Criteria for 2025 news post.

Recruitment to Specialised Foundation Programmes is changing for 2025 – 5 March 2024

For further information see our recruitment to Specialised Foundation Programmes is changing for 2025 news post.

2024 Foundation Programme Allocation – 7 March 2024

For further information see our 2024 Foundation Programme Allocation news post.

Update on industrial action for doctors in England

For further information see our update on industrial action for doctors in England 2023-24 news post.

UKFPO Bulletin

Read the latest UKFPO bulletin July 2024

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