UK Foundation Programme

UK Foundation Programme

Here you will find information about how to apply to the 2-year Foundation Programme and Stand-alone programmes.

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Revised calculation and weighting of the total application score for foundation training:

In November 2020, the UKFPO announced that the Educational Achievement (EA) score, would be removed from the Foundation Allocation process from FP2023.  The UKFP application score currently consists of two component parts of equal weighting (maximum of 100 points): Educational Performance Measure (EPM) (maximum of 50 points) and the Situational Judgement Test (SJT) (maximum of 50 points). The EPM consists of a maximum score of 43 (with possible decile scores of 34-43) for the academic decile and 7 points for additional Educational Achievements (EA): maximum of 5 points for an additional degree and 2 points for individual publications.

For FP2023 applications onwards, with the removal of EA score, the overall application score will continue to be made up of a 50:50 split between the EPM and the Situational Judgement Test (SJT) score, but the EPM decile scores will move from 34-43 to 41-50.

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