UK Foundation Programme

UK Foundation Programme

Here you will find information about how to apply to the 2-year Foundation Programme and Stand-alone programmes.

Key Documents and Guidance

UKFP 2021

The application window for the two-year FP2021 has now closed.

UKFP 2021: Late starters – If you do not think that you will be able to start your F1 post on 4 August 2021 as planned, please contact your foundation school as soon as possible for further advice.

UKFP 2021: Eligibility Applicant Guidance – A comprehensive overview of the eligibility application process, for those who have submitted eligibility applications for 2021. (This guidance is subject to change in light of external dependencies and in particular, in regard to the current public health pandemic. The UKFPO will provide updates, as necessary.)

UKFP 2021 Applicants’ Presentation – A presentation for prospective applicants in 2021, providing a brief overview of the Foundation Programme and the application process.

UKFP 2021 Applicant’s Handbook – A handbook for prospective applicants in 2021, providing comprehensive instructions/guidance concerning the application process for UKFP 2021.

UKFP 2021 High-Level Timeline – A timeline covering the main dates and events in the 2021 recruitment process.

UKFP 2021 F2 Stand-alone Applicant Guidance – A comprehensive overview of the F2 Stand-alone process for the 2021 training year.

HEE Resource Pack – to help doctors in Foundation training

UKFP 2022

Eligibility Office

UKFP 2022: Eligibility Applicant Guidance – Please review the guidance and also our Eligibility FAQs

UKFP 2022 Eligibility Applicant Guidance – version 3 statement

UKFP Eligibility Application 2022 Guidance Video – This video has been produced by a previous Foundation trainee who is now working in the NHS. Please note, these films are not produced by the UK Foundation Programme and therefore we do not take any responsibility for the content contained within them.

Two-year Foundation Programme (FP)

UKFP 2022 High-level Timeline

UKFP 2022 Applicants’ Handbook – full guidance document for applying to the two-year Foundation Programme, to be read by all applicants.

UKFP 2022 Applicant Presentation – pdf of the presentation (published 19 July 2021). Recording of a UKFP Foundation School Director delivering the presentation available on our Programmes page!

UKFP 2022 Application Process Key Changes (published 20 July 2021)

We have also provided additional resources for applicants: UKFP 2022 – Useful Tips for Eligibility and FP Applicants

UKFP2022 Person Specification – detailed person specification requirements for UKFP2022.

Which training programme am I eligible for? – use our programme flowchart to determine which programme is best for you.

The National FP application window for UKFP 2022 will open on 8 September 2021.

Further UKFP 2022 guidance will be published shortly. You can familiarise yourself with the previous year’s guidance in the meantime. Please see the Programmes page for further information. 

UKFP 2022 Webinars

See our Resources page for all the webinar information. 

*All webinars will be recorded and posted on our website afterwards. 

So many helpful resources available to applicants!

FP 2022 Applicant Webinar: 23 August 2021 14:30 (BST) The link will be shared closer to time.

FP 2022 Applicant Webinar: 6 September 2021 10.30 (BST) The link will be shared closer to time.

SJT Webinar: 27 September 2021 14:00 (BST) The link will be shared closer to time.

UKFP 2023

Tier 4 Immigration Changes

UKVI have released the statement of changes to the Immigration Rules for Tier 4 which took effect on 5th October 2020. See the government’s Points-based system introductory document for more information.

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