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UK Foundation Programme

Here you will find information about how to apply to the 2-year Foundation Programme and Stand-alone programmes.

News and Updates

14th January 2022: F2 Stand-alone Recruitment Update!

The F2 stand-alone application window will open on Monday 17th January 2022 at 09:00AM (GMT). 

The F2 Stand-alone 2022 applicant guidance and supporting documents are now published on the F2 Stand-alone page. The applicant handbook includes the timeline. Please also visit our F2 Stand-alone FAQs page for further information.

11th January 2022: A response to queries regarding ‘sample paper with rationale’

The UKFPO would like to apologise to those applicants who were left anxious and worried about the Situational Judgement Test (SJT) because of changes made to our website with regards to the accessibility of the sample paper with rationale on the site.

As confirmed previously, the sample paper with rationale was first made available on 29th October 2021 on the UKFPO website. This document provides a small number of example questions covering the three response formats used in the SJT, it is not a full-length practice paper. We accept that we could have done more to ensure applicants were aware it was available and knew where to find it. We also acknowledge that we should not have duplicated the paper on a different area of the site once the SJT window had opened.

In order to address concerns, we have liaised with the Work Psychology Group (WPG) and they have agreed to analyse the assessment scores of applicants who sat their SJT before and after 14 December 2021. This will take place once all SJT test sittings have taken place.

The SJT forms an important part of the selection process for the foundation programme and we will be reviewing how we communicate with applicants and what improvements should be made, to ensure that information is accessible and visible to everyone applying to the foundation programme.

Please be reassured that we take this very seriously. We have learnt important lessons and will continue to strive to make changes to improve our applicants’ experiences of the Situational Judgement Test.

Key Documents and Guidance

UKFP 2022

Eligibility Office

UKFP 2022: Eligibility Applicant Guidance
Eligibility FAQs
UKFP 2022 Eligibility Applicant Guidance – version 3 statement
UKFP Eligibility Application 2022 Guidance Video – This video has been produced by a previous Foundation trainee who is now working in the NHS. Please note, these films are not produced by the UK Foundation Programme and therefore we do not take any responsibility for the content contained within them.

Two-year Foundation Programme (FP)

The National FP application window for UKFP 2022 has now closed.

UKFP 2022 Applicants’ Handbook 
UKFP 2022 Applicant Presentation – pdf of the presentation (published 19 July 2021). Recording of a UKFP Foundation School Director delivering the presentation available on our Programmes page!
Useful Tips for Applicants 
UKFP 2022 High-level Timeline

See our Programmes page for further information. 

See our Resources page for information on pre-allocation (including the pdf application form that must be attached to the Oriel application), SJT and other aspects of the recruitment process.

F2 Stand-alone 2022

Guidance and documents for F2 Stand-alone 2022 are available on the F2 Stand-alone page.

UKFP 2022 Webinars

See our Webinars page for all webinar information.

UKFP 2023

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