The Foundation Programme Curriculum sets out the framework for educational progression that will support the first two years of professional development following graduation from medical school. Under the Curriculum, foundation doctors have to demonstrate that they are competent in a number of areas. This includes communication and consultation skills, patient safety and team work as well as the more traditional elements of medical training.

New Internal Medicine Training e-learning programme launched

Health Education England e-Learning for Healthcare (HEE e-LfH) has worked with Health Education England and the Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board to launch a new e-learning programme, Internal Medicine Training.

The programme aims to set out how to write a meaningful and effective Educational Supervisor Report (ESR) for Internal Medicine training. This module sets out how to prepare to write an ESR, considered by the Annual Review of Competency Progression (ARCP) panel when assessing a trainee’s progress, starting with the initial meeting with the trainee, planning the training year and gives examples of good report writing.

This e-learning package is aimed at educational supervisors of internal medicine trainees and covers the following areas:

  • The ESR
  • Capabilities in Practice (CiPs)
  • Evidence
  • Setting up the Training Year
  • Some elements of the ARCP

For more information about the programme, including access details, visit:

UK Patient Representatives – Thanks to those who took Our Survey on the New Curriculum!

The Foundation Programme curriculum is being updated for August 2021 and we asked our UK Patient Representatives their opinions in an anonymous survey during April and May 2020. The survey is now closed but if you would like to find out more about the changes please see the information below.

Beyond Foundation

Current Trainees are encouraged to visit the webpage Beyond Foundation on Health Education England’s website. It contains a brief summary of options available to trainees along with further contacts.

Curriculum & Guidance


Assessment GuidanceAssessmentFrequency
Guidance for Assessors and DoctorsCore ProceduresThroughout F1
Guidance for Assessors

Guidance for Doctors

Guidance for Educational Supervisors
Team Assessment of Behaviour (TAB)One in the first placement of both F1 and F2, optional repitition
Guidance for Clinical SupervisorsClinical Supervisor End of Placement ReportOnce per placement
Guidance for Educational SupervisorsEducational Supervisor’s End of Placement Report F1

Educational Supervisors End of Placement Report F2
Once per placement (except final placement, when ES end of year report required)
N/AEducational Supervisor’s End of Year Report F1

Educations Supervisor’s End of Year Report F2
Once per year
Guidance for curriculum mappingAll 20 foundation professional capabilities (FPCs) must have at least one piece of relevant mapped evidence and a maximum of five pieces Throughout the year
Guidance on Logging Mandatory TeachingAn acceptable attendance record at generic foundation teachingThroughout the year

Supervised Learning Events

Supervised Learning Event GuidanceSupervised Learning EventRecommended Minimum
DOPS Guidance for Doctors and Trainers

Mini-CEX Guidance for Doctors and Trainers

3 or more per placement* 
(minimum of nine observations; at least six must be mini-CEX)
Guidance for Doctors and Trainers Case-Based Discussion 2 or more per placement*
Guidance for Doctors and Trainers Developing the Clinical Teacher 1 or more per year

* based on a clinical placement of four month duration

For more information see the SLE FAQs.

Other Form GuidanceOther FormRecommended Minimum
LEADER Guidance for Doctors and TrainersLEADER (Clinical Leadership (Work-based Review) No recommended minimum 

(optional formative discussion)
LEARN Guidance for Doctors and TrainersLearning Encounter and Reflection Note (LEARN) No recommended minimum 
(optional to supplement traditional SLEs)

Other Forms

You can also find additional documents relating to the foundation curriculum here.