2 Year Foundation Programmes

Key Documents

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  • UKFP 2021 Educational Performance Measure Framework
  • UKFP 2021 Blood Borne Virus Guidance

Application Guidance by Programme

How to apply for Foundation Programme (FP)

How to apply for Academic Foundation Programme (AFP)

How to apply for Foundation Priority Programme (FPP)

How to apply for Psychiatry Fellowship Programme (PFF)

How to apply to ALL foundation posts available


All applications must be submitted through Oriel (national online application system). A link to Oriel will be posted here in the near future. Applicants are advised to start their applications early to allow sufficient time to complete the necessary sections of the application form and to gather evidence in support of their application.

The Oriel applicant portal is compatible with Internet Explorer 11, Safari 7+, Google Chrome 30+, Firefox 24+ and Edge. Applicants are advised to use one of these browsers when using the website and preferably the most up to date version of that browser. 

Please note that the system is not compatible with Internet Explorer 7 – 10. 

If at any point you find yourself getting stuck in a ‘loop’ or if there appears to be an error on the system, please try to access the site from a different web browser, for example, Google Chrome, or deleting your internet browser history in the first instance. For technical queries please contact the technical helpdesk via support@hicom.co.uk.