Foundation doctors – planning a taster

Many postgraduate centres and/or foundation schools will have a register of tasters available and the first step is to speak to your ES, FPTD or local postgraduate admin team. You should always follow local guidance on the process for applying for and planning a taster.

‘Off the peg’ tasters are not always available but your supervisors should be able to provide contacts to help you organise one. Tasters are normally taken in a FD’s base hospital but if necessary, it may be possible to arrange them elsewhere. In specific cases for highly specific specialties this might involve going to a different training region. FDs should be aware that contractual issues in the place they wish to undertake the taster can sometimes prove difficult to overcome.

To arrange the taster you will need to arrange leave from your current placement.  For F1s, many schools have a system to use F2 study leave for this (‘borrowing’ it from F2 for the F1 year). Examples of taster weeks are given in the appendix below. You will also need to complete a reflection at the end of the taster period in the appropriate form in your e-portfolio.