Foundation Programme Review

The HEE Foundation Programme Review makes recommendations about improving the transition period into foundation training and highlights the importance of making the NHS an appropriate environment for individuals to learn and work – echoing a key theme in the Interim NHS People Plan.

Undertaken in collaboration with Royal Colleges, the Medical Schools Council (MSC), the General Medical Council (GMC), the British Medical Association (BMA) and foundation doctors, it re-enforces the commitment to enhancing the experience of doctors in training and in turn their health and wellbeing.

The review report contains 16 recommendations, which are summarised on page 7. A follow up report was published in 2020.

For more information, please view the Foundation Doctor information pack

FP Annual Reports (2010-2016)

The Annual Report summarises the data collected from Foundation Schools regarding recruitment to the Foundation Programme across the UK. The data considers the structures and outcomes of the Foundation Programme and provides data about trends and issues within the Foundation Programme. The Annual Report has been referenced and used to inform UK national policy development and inform workforce planning. This report was discontinued after 2016. See more current reports in the sections below.

2016 FP Annual Report

2015 FP Annual Report

2014 FP Annual Report

2013 FP Annual Report

2012 FP Annual Report

2011 FP Annual Report

2010 FP Annual Report

The UK F2 Career Destinations Reports used data collated from an annual UK-wide survey of outgoing F2 doctors. Foundation schools gathered the data between May and September each year and these reports helped to understand career aspirations and career destinations if known. All foundation doctors who were due to complete their foundation training in August were expected to participate in the survey. This report was discontinued in 2020 due to COVID-19. A version of destination data is now gathered and reported on by the GMC.

2019 Career Destinations Report

2018 Career Destinations Report

2017 Career Destinations Report

2016 Career Destinations Report

2015 Career Destinations Report

2014 Career Destinations Report

2013 Career Destinations Report

2012 Career Destinations Report

2011 Career Destinations Report

2010 Career Destinations Report