Preference Informed Allocation (PIA)


In February 2023 the four UK statutory education bodies launched an engagement process to seek views on a possible change to the allocation process for the 2024 Foundation Programme.

The aim was to explore whether the process should continue to allocate applicants based on a rank that used their FP Score (their Educational Performance Measure (EPM) combined with their Situational Judgement Test (SJT)) or whether it should move to a new system where each applicant is given a computer-generated ranking via the Oriel System, also known as Preference Informed Allocation (PIA).

In June 2023 it was announced that allocation for the Foundation Programme 2024 onwards would use the new PIA allocation method. Further information on the Foundation allocation stakeholder engagement process and the outcomes can be found using the links below:

What was looked at

How people could get involved

Stakeholder Engagement Exercise – Frequently Asked Questions

Stakeholder Engagement Outcome