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Two Year Foundation Programme

Important reminders for the SJT – 6 December 2023

The test will consist of 3 parts in the following format:

Part 1 – Rating questions

Part 2 – Multiple choice questions

Optional 10-minute comfort break

Part 3 – Ranking questions

Please be aware – candidates will have the opportunity to review their answers to parts 1 & 2 once they have completed these first two sections, but once they choose the ‘End Review’ option, they will no longer be able to go back and review/amend any answers.

After clicking ‘End Review’, candidates will then be presented with the opportunity to take an optional 10-minute comfort break; or they can opt to start Part 3 without taking a break.

If you believe that extenuating circumstances seriously affect your ability to take the SJT on the date you are registered for, please review the information on Extenuating Circumstances:

If you wish to change the location, date, and/or time of your test, you can reschedule your appointment via the Pearson VUE website or by contacting Pearson VUE customer service, up to 48 hours before the scheduled start time of your existing booking. Please see for further information.

UKFP 2023 SJT Practice Papers

Practice papers for the SJT can be found on the SJT resources page. The papers are helpful for practicing and preparing to sit the SJT.

UKFP 2023 SJT booking window – further reminders

Please visit the SJT section under the Resources page for the UKFP 2023 Situational Judgement Test (SJT) Guidance and other information about taking the SJT.

The UKFPO has prioritised booking for candidates with reasonable adjustments (RA). This allows time for applicants with approved RAs to request and confirm their test slot ahead of the main booking window. Please bear in mind that the Pearson VUE team will take note of your preferred location/s and date/s and may not be able to confirm your booking immediately as they may need a few days to make the necessary arrangements.

Pearson VUE has sufficient test centre appointment slots to meet or exceed the expected demand for UKFP applicants and they will continue to frequently monitor demand vs availability.

Applicants can change their SJT exam booking up to 48 hours in advance of the current scheduled appointment start time. Pearson VUE review slot availability on a regular basis. Applicants who wish to take advantage of this option, should log into their Pearson VUE account at their earliest convenience. 

Instructions for rescheduling

To make changes to your appointment, you will need to sign in at, select your upcoming appointment and choose Reschedule.

If you have had reasonable adjustments applied to your booking, other than a simple time extension, you will not be able to make changes to your appointment via the website and must instead call Pearson VUE Customer Services within the published operating hours. Contact details are listed on the website at

If you wish to change the delivery method (i.e. you are scheduled for a test centre appointment and now wish to book for an OnVUE delivery online from your home or office, or vice versa) you will first need to cancel and give up your scheduled appointment and then choose to book a new appointment, selecting the required delivery method. For further information or support, please contact Pearson VUE Customer Services in the first instance.


Extension of deadline to 09 January 2023 for final update of decile scores for FP2023 applications

A deadline of 23 November 2022 was agreed for medical schools to confirm final decile scores. This date was published in the FP2023 Applicant Handbook and in our communications throughout the summer and autumn of 2022.  

Following the deadline, the UKFPO have received a number of queries from medical schools asking to make amendments or corrections to the original submission.

In order not to disadvantage applicants in the FP allocation process, the UKFPO have taken the decision on this occasion to extend the deadline for final decile score updates to Monday 09 January 2023.

There will be no further extensions or amendments allowed for any reason after this deadline.  

UK medical schools should liaise with their local foundation school team as per the normal process to ensure that any decile score changes are input into Oriel by the January deadline.  

Applicants who have applied via the eligibility process should email

Important notice – UKFP 2023 SJT Reasonable Adjustment booking window

It has been brought to our attention that some applicants are currently experiencing problems contacting Pearson VUE (PV) to make bookings for reasonable adjustments (RAs). 

We are very sorry this is happening and would like to reassure applicants that we are taking this very seriously. We have been liaising with PV to understand what has happened and get it resolved as quickly as is possible.  

PV have confirmed that the long wait times are a result of the sheer number of callers using the service and apologise for this. The issue with their customer service agents not being able to hear callers has been identified as an issue with British Telecom (BT) and PV are working closely with BT to resolve it.  

Please be assured that all applicants needing RAs will get test centre slots with the accommodations they require, however it may take time for bookings to be confirmed as it can take a few days for the test centre agents to make the necessary arrangements.  

We can also confirm that the correct number for applicants to call to book their test is: 0800 731 9905. Only applicants that require adjustments other than extra time should call PV. If your only RA is extra time please do follow the guidance to book online.

When through to an agent, please make reference to the exam sponsor as UK Foundation Programme and explain that it is an accommodation (reasonable adjustment) booking request (this will help PV with the booking process).

5 October 2022

News and Updates

UKFP 2023 SJT main booking window opening time
The main SJT booking window will open on Monday 10 October 2022 between approximately 11:30am – 12:30pm (BST), until the booking window is open your exam status will be ‘no pre-approved exams’. Once the booking window opens the SJT exam will appear on your pre-approved exams.

All applicants will be able to book their test from this date and time.

Applicants are able to register from 3 October 2022

The booking window will close on Thursday 13 October (11:59pm BST).

14 September 2022

News and Updates

IMPORTANT: UKFP 2023 Application Window Extension

We join NHS colleagues in mourning the death of Queen Elizabeth II. There will be a national bank holiday on Monday 19 September, during which time the UKFPO will be closed for the day.

The application window will therefore be extended so that it will now close on 21 September 2022 (12:00 midday BST) to allow the UKFPO, Medical Schools and Foundation School teams to support applicants with their application and queries.

UKFP 2023 National Application Window

The UKFP 2023 national application window for FP, FPP and SFP programmes opened on the 7 September 2022 at 9:00 BST and closes on the 21 September 2022 at 12:00 midday BST. For information on the UK Foundation programme and key timelines please visit: Foundation Programme (UKFP)

UKFP 2023 Pre-allocation Webinar

The UKFPO recently held a Pre-allocation webinar for FP2023. To view the webinar and for further information on FP2023 pre-allocation please visit: 2023 Pre-allocation Documents

UKFP 2023 Specialised Foundation Programme (SFP)

Top Tip: SFP White Space Queries has a 200 word limit. For information and key documents on the SFP 2023 please visit: Specialised Foundation Programme (SFP)

UKFP 2023 Eligibility Applicants

For information on the UK Foundation programme and key timelines please visit: Eligibility Applications for UK Foundation Programme (UKFP) 2023 entry – Timeline & Deadlin

UKFP 2022: Eligibility Applicant Guidance 

UKFP 2022 Eligibility Applicant Guidance – version 3 statement

UKFP 2022: Dean’s Statement – This is a compulsory part of the eligibility application process. You must use this template provided by UKFPO and the current year’s version.

UKFP Eligibility Application 2022 Guidance Video – This video has been produced by a previous Foundation trainee who is now working in the NHS. Please note, these films are not produced by the UK Foundation Programme and therefore we do not take any responsibility for the content contained within them.

UKFP 2022 – Useful Tips for Eligibility and FP Applicants

Reapplication to Foundation Training Form – This is compulsoryonly if you have previously been removed or resigned from a two-year Foundation Programme. (Word version available here)

UKFP 2022 Person Specification

UKFP 2022: Educational Performance Measure (EPM) Framework

IMPORTANT – National Allocation Release Time

The UKFPO can confirm that the national allocation information will be available for applicants on Thursday 10 March from 0600 GMT.  Applicants will be able to view their allocation to foundation school and their SJT score on their front screen/ dashboard on Oriel, when they log in.

This change in release time from previous years is a result of helpful feedback we received from previous applicants. We hope this will be more convenient for everyone.

We know you will be very anxious to see the outcome of your application, however please note that the volume of results being published will mean things may take time to appear on the site, so we ask you to be patient when you log on to Oriel.

We are expecting the website to have a high volume of traffic on Thursday morning, so if possible, please log into your Oriel account later than the advertised time to view your results. The time you log in will not in any way affect your allocation.

You will also be sent an email from Oriel with your allocation details, so please look out for that. We suggest you also check your junk inbox if you can’t immediately find it as the email may have inadvertently gone there.

Preferencing programme window opening delay

In order to manage the traffic to the website on the 10th March we will be delaying the opening of the preferencing programme window until the following day Friday 11 March 0900 GMT to allow everyone time to view their Foundation School allocation results.

SJT Sample Questions Review Outcome: UKFPO statement 3rd March 2022

In October 2021 three sample SJT questions were made available on the UK Foundation Programme Office (UKFPO) website. On the 14th December 2021 they were duplicated in a second place on the website, which inadvertently made them more accessible during the SJT window. There was concern this had provided an advantage to candidates doing the test later in the window.

In order to address concerns, The UKFPO asked the Work Psychology Group (WPG) to review the SJT scores across all dates of the test windows, as were aware that some candidates may have sat the test on or after the 14th December but not seen the available resource. For further information, read the original post confirming this issue (A response to queries regarding ‘sample paper with rationale’: 11th January 2022).

WPG have now completed their review of the scores achieved during the December 2021 and January 2022 test windows and concluded that there was no evidence of applicant scores being impacted as a direct result of the duplication of these questions.

In future we plan to use a wider range of communication channels to make sure information is accessible and visible to our applicants. We appreciate the importance of the SJT to applicants and will make sure we provide applicants with the key resources they need to support their application.

F2 Stand-alone Programmes

Education and Support

Note that the Prescribing Safety Assessment (PSA) sitting scheduled for 13 March 2023 has been cancelled for all F1 doctors in England. The sitting will go ahead as planned in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The following PSA sitting, for all F1 doctors in the UK who require it, is on Monday 24 April 2023. The third (and final) PSA sitting for F1 doctors in England will now be on Friday 2 June 2023. Foundation doctors and trust postgraduate centre staff with queries should contact their local foundation school team.