Educational Performance Measure (EPM) FAQs

What is the Educational Performance Measure (EPM)?

The EPM is a measure of clinical and non-clinical skills, knowledge and performance up to the point of application. The EPM comprises two elements: medical school performance in deciles for which 34-43 points are available, and educational achievements, which are worth up to 7 points. A maximum of 50 points can be awarded for the EPM.

What are EPM decile scores?

Your medical school will calculate your medical school performance score. This divides your year group into 10 equal groups (deciles) based on performance in a number of assessments.

How many points are available for additional educational achievements?

A maximum of 7 points can be awarded for educational achievements: –

Maximum of 5 points for an additional degree (please refer to the Applicants’ Handbook for details of how many points are awarded for different qualifications)

Maximum of 2 points for publications (1 point for each publication).

Can I upload more than one piece of evidence for educational achievements?

No. You should upload one combined document.

How does the medical school calculate my decile score?

Each UK medical school agrees with its students which assessments it will include in this measure. This element of the EPM is known as the EPM decile score. If you are in the first decile (the top 10% of your year), you will receive a score of 43; if you are in the second decile, your score will be 42; the third decile 41 and so on. Students in the tenth decile will receive 34 points.

If you are graduating from a UK medical school, your medical school will supply these scores and upload them onto the Oriel system.

If you are applying through the Eligibility Office, your EPM decile score will be calculated from the medical school ranking information provided on your Dean’s Statement. The Eligibility Office then uploads your EPM decile score.

I have a BSc and an MSc; how can I record both?

You will only have the option to provide details and evidence for one additional degree. You should choose the one that results in the most points being awarded.

Can I send evidence of educational achievements to the UKFPO for checking beforehand?

No. The UKFPO is unfortunately unable to provide a pre-checking service.

If the verification panel deems that my evidence does not meet the criteria, will there be an opportunity to provide additional/ alternate evidence?

No. You must provide all supporting evidence at the time of application.

Is the EPM score used as part of selection for the Academic Foundation Programmes (AFP)?

Academic foundation school determine the scoring criteria for AFP selection locally. Some schools use the EPM score and other do not. You should refer to the scoring criteria available on individual foundation school websites.

I have completed all work required for an additional degree, but I do not graduate until after the closing date for applications, will I still be awarded the points?

No. All additional degrees must be awarded / ratified by the closing date for applications.

I have completed all the work required for an additional degree, but I do graduate until after the closing date for applications, will I still be awarded the points?

No. All additional degrees must be awarded / ratified by the closing date for applications.

My degree certificate doesn’t state the classification of my degree, will this be accepted?

The certificate will not be accepted. If you degree is from Cambridge University, please provide your transcript as well as your degree certificate to demonstrate your classification.

Will points be awarded for Postgraduate Diplomas?


I have been awarded a degree, but I do not have the certificate yet, what evidence can I provide?

You can provide a degree confirmation letter from your medical school. Please refer to the Applicants’ Handbook for specific criteria.

My degree certificate is not in English, will this be accepted?

You will need to provide an official translation.

Do I have to be the first named author on a publication to be awarded the point?


If I am listed on PubMed as a collaborator and not an author, would I still be awarded a point?


I have a publication with a PCMID number, does this qualify for a point?


If I mistype the PMID number, will the verifying panel search for the publication on the website and verify the information by author and title of the publication?

No. The panel must be able to click once on the link from your application to reach your publication.