Practice SJT papers

Practice Papers

The papers below are helpful for practicing and preparing for sitting the SJT. Some are from previous versions of the test; the rationale and general attitude towards the test remains the same.

Pearson VUE website

A past practice paper is available on the Pearson VUE website. On the right hand menu, there is a link which leads to ‘UKFP Practice Papers’ under “Related links”

The practice paper hosted on the Pearson VUE website has been designed to allow you to familiarise yourself with the testing platform and experience the format of the SJT. Therefore, the answer keys and rationale statements are not provided for these scenarios. In addition, there will be no video based scenarios included in the 2023 SJT.

UKFP 2023 Practice papers

Please see the ‘UKFP 2023 Sample paper with rationale’ for a full length SJT, with answer keys and rationale statements.

UKFP 2022 Practice Papers

The UKFP 2022 Sample paper with rationale has now been archived.

Papers from the paper-based SJT (FP 2019 and earlier):

F2 Stand-alone Practice Scenarios

F2 Stand-alone SJT Practice Scenarios [.pdf, 126KB]

Please note, the practice paper is not scored or marked and should be used to help you familiarise yourself with the test. Circumstances surrounding the pandemic have meant that we are unable to provide scores for the online practice paper.