Foundation Priority Programme

You must select to apply to the Foundation Priority Programme (FPP) as part of your main FP application form.

Foundation Priority Programmes (FPP) have been developed to support specific areas of the UK that have historically found it difficult to attract and retain doctors in training through the foundation and specialty recruitment processes. The main aim is to maximise the opportunity for applicants who wish to be located in less popular areas and therefore improve supply for specialty training and beyond. These programmes also offer a range of incentives.

Successful applicants will be offered specific programmes prior to national allocation to foundation schools.

Applicants should visit local foundation school websites for further details of individual programmes that will be included in the FPP process and the incentives they have to offer. Priority programmes offer a range of opportunities such as:

  • Longer programmes (up to three years) that provide opportunities to undertake additional training or train more flexibly and provide geographic stability for those that desire it
  • Opportunities that might allow trainees to realise their potential by undertaking parallel management and leadership programmes
  • Opportunities to gain academic experience
  • Opportunities to undertake quality improvement projects or teaching roles
  • Offers of increased geographical stability
  • Other incentives such as financial support with accommodation and innovative rotas.

Still have questions? See our UK FPP FAQs

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