Foundation Priority Programmes (FPP) FAQs

What are Foundation Priority Programmes (FPP)?

Foundation Priority Programmes (FPP) have been developed to support specific areas of the UK that have historically found it difficult to attract and retain doctors through the foundation and specialty recruitment and training processes. The main aim is to maximise the opportunity for applicants who wish to be located in less popular areas and therefore improve supply for specialty training and beyond. These programmes also often offer a range of incentives, such as additional educational opportunities, digital innovation, international experience, financial incentives, leadership, medical education and enhanced exposure in certain specialties for example.

As part of this process, once they have submitted their main FP application and indicated they wish to apply for FPP, applicants rank individual priority programmes that have been determined by a specific location. Successful applicants will be offered specific priority programmes before national allocation to foundation schools.

Where are FPP posts located?

FPP posts are available at most UK foundation schools. See the FPP guide for details.

Who can apply for FPP?

Any applicant who has applied to FP can apply for FPP, that is, all nominated or eligible applicants.

How will my application be scored?

Applicants will be ranked based on the total application score for FP (EPM + SJT). There is no separate score for FPP offers.

When are applicants notified of offers?
How long do I have to respond to an offer?

You have 48-hours to respond to an offer, after which time the offer will expire and will be automatically declined on the system.

If I decline an offer for FPP, will I still be eligible for FP?


If I accept an offer for FPP and later withdraw my application, will I be eligible for FP?

No. If you choose to withdraw your application once you have already accepted an offer, you will be withdrawn from the entire process, including FP.

If I have previously accepted an SFP offer, will I receive an offer for FPP?

No. Once you accept an offer during any part of the application cycle, you will be withdrawn from all other aspects of the process.

Offers/allocations are made sequentially in the following order: SFP, FPP and then FP.

I only wish to be considered for FPP in a particular region, a particular specialty or offering specific experience. How do I apply for these posts?

Once you have been nominated and have registered on Oriel, or deemed eligible by the UKFPO’s Eligibility Office, you will need to search for and apply to the Foundation Programme (FP) vacancy.

When asked in the FP application form, indicate that you wish to apply for FPP. You need to rank programmes once you have submitted your application form. You should rank only the programmes you wish to be considered for, for example those in a particular region, a particular specialty or with the specific experience you’re looking for. Programmes you would not accept should be listed in the ‘not wanted’ column.

More information is on our Foundation Priority Programme page.