Eligibility Applications

What is an eligibility application?

The eligibility application process applies to applicants to the national UK Foundation Programme 2022 (UKFP 2022) who:

1: Are studying at or have graduated from a non-UK medical school, OR

2: Have graduated from a UK medical school on or prior to 3rd August 2020, OR

3: Are a non-UK/settled worker studying for a UK medical degree at a campus outside of the UK, for example, University of Nicosia, Cyprus (St. George’s University London), or Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia.

Applicants in any of these three groups need to submit an eligibility application BEFORE the main application round in September to have their eligibility to apply confirmed. You must complete an eligibility application (14th July – 4th August) and complete a Foundation Programme application if you are deemed eligible. You will also have the option to apply for academic and priority programmes.

UK medical school students who are due to graduate in 2021 and 2022 do not need to submit an application for eligibility through this process. Your medical school will be able to nominate you.

The main application window for the Foundation Programme will open for all ‘Eligible’ applicants on 8th September 2021.

Eligibility Applicant Guidance for UKFP 2022

 (Please be advised that this guidance is subject to change in light of external dependencies and in particular, in regard to the current public health pandemic. The UKFPO will provide updates, as necessary.)

Applications for UKFP 2022 are closed.

Eligibility Appeals

When approving eligibility applications, the applications are considered by the UKFPO’s Eligibility Office in accordance with the eligibility criteria.

10% of all eligible applications are reviewed and quality assured by an independent eligibility checking panel.

Applicants who are considered ineligible at the end of this process may submit an appeal against the outcome of their application.

Information on the appeals process, and the appeals form itself, can be found on the appeals page on our website.