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Non-urgent advice: UKFP 2024

Please be advised that this guidance is subject to change due to external dependencies. The UKFPO will provide updates as necessary on the UKFPO website on the Eligibility page. Please ensure that you are checking the UKFPO website on a regular basis so that you do not miss any update.

Non-urgent advice: Important information for applicants: 

Late Eligibility applications will not be considered under any circumstances. 

All communication regarding the Eligibility application should be submitted in writing to helpdesk@foundationprogramme.nhs.uk. Applicants should include their Oriel PIN number and full name in all communication with the UKFPO. 

For technical issues regarding Oriel, eg. technical difficulties making your application, please contact the Oriel team on oriel@hicom.co.uk

Applicants will not be able to contact the UKFPO by telephone.  

The UKFPO will not provide a pre-checking service and will not review the content or supporting evidence provided as part of your application prior to submission.  

The UKFPO are not able to advise on specific visa queries. Applicants are advised to consult the UK Home Office.