Dean’s Statement UKFP 2024

The Dean’s Statement must be completed by all applicants who are required to apply via the eligibility process. The 2024 template must be used and can be found via the link below:

UKFP 2024 Eligibility Applications – Dean’s Statement template

Non-urgent advice: Change to Dean’s Statement

The template for UKFP 2024 no longer includes the section for submitting decile ranking information. This is because changes to the allocation process for the 2024 Foundation Programme mean that decile/EPM scores will no longer be used.

There is no longer a requirement for medical schools to provide decile information for their graduates who are applying to the UK Foundation Programme. Information about changes to the Foundation Programme allocation process can be found at: Foundation Programme allocation process – Stakeholder engagement outcome

Further guidance on the allocation process will be made available between June and July 2023.

Applicants are required to upload a scanned copy of their completed UKFPO 2024 Dean’s Statement onto the Oriel application system. The statement must be signed by the medical school Dean (or appropriately nominated representative), who must provide permission for the applicant to apply and also confirm that the applicant is of good standing and fit to practise medicine safely in accordance with the GMC’s Good Medical Practice (2013).

The Dean’s Statement must:

  • Be completed in full using the template for UKFP 2024
  • Be uploaded to Oriel (colour or black and white accepted)
  • Be counter-signed by the Dean (or their nominated representative) if there are any amendments to your completed Dean’s Statement
  • Be hand-written (blue or black ink accepted) or typed; however, the Dean’s signature must be an official digital signature or signed in ink
  • Include the date of qualification. This is the date on which the University Board agree the result, issues a pass list and notifies students of the result. It is not the date of graduation, ceremony or when students receive their degree certificate.

Not accepted:

  • Completed on alternative documents or formats to the UKFP 2024 template
  • Completed or signed by an administrative staff member
  • The signature of the Dean is completed by only typing the Dean’s name out
  • Not completed in full
  • Not stamped by your medical school/university

Non-urgent advice: Important

Applicants must ensure that all parts of the document are completed before submission. Failure to do so may result in the application being deemed ineligible.

IMPORTANT: Applicants should be aware of the following key change for FP2024 – the UKFPO appeals process will no longer include a Stage 1 appeal process. This means that applicants will not be able to provide evidence or information that was omitted during the original application window via an appeal process. All evidence and information required during the eligibility application process must be submitted at the time of application. There will not be the opportunity to provide it at a later date.

  • If you applied for UKFP 2023 and would like to re-apply for UKFP 2024 and anticipate difficulty obtaining an updated Dean’s Statement from your medical school, please contact the UKFPO at:

You can find more Frequently Asked Questions on Degree Qualification & Dean’s Statement here