Medical degree certificate or confirmation of qualification letter

All applicants must provide proof of primary medical qualification (PMQ):

Official medical degree certificate for Primary Medical Qualification

Applicants must submit a copy of their official medical degree certificate for their primary medical qualification.

A colour copy is preferred, and all 4-corners must be visible.

Some universities provide students with an online digital copy of a degree certificate; the UKFPO will only accept these if the qualification can be verified via the medical school’s website. Applicants should check this verification is available on their university’s website in advance of submitting a digital degree certificate as evidence. Applicants must include all details required so that the UKFPO can verify the certificate at the point of application. If the certificate cannot be verified online, applicants must upload copies of their original/formal degree certificate.

Applicants with digital certificates must send verification details to UKFPO by email at: . The email must be sent to the UKFPO at the same point that the application is submitted on Oriel. Verification details should contain the website address and information such as a reference number (or similar). Verification details will vary between medical schools.

If the degree certificate is not in English

Applicants with a degree certificate not in English must provide an English translation from an official organisation. The qualification and translation must be combined into one document.

Applicants who have graduated but their degree certificate has not yet been issued

An official letter on headed paper must be provided from the Dean which confirms the date, month, and year when the degree certificate will be issued. A sample confirmation of qualification letter outlining the information required is available below:

Letter to confirm degree qualification with no degree certificate

Applicants who have not yet qualified

Applicants who have not yet qualified from medical school will need to upload a copy of their Dean’s Statement in the ‘degree certificate’ section on Oriel. A separate letter from the Dean is not required.

Non-urgent advice: Important

Failure to provide satisfactory evidence of a PMQ will result in an eligibility application being considered incomplete and marked ineligible.

The UKFPO can only accept applications from applicants whose PMQ is accepted by the GMC. A list of the primary medical qualifications that are not currently accepted by the GMC can be found here.