Proof of ID

Name evidence

All applicants must provide proof of identification, this is a mandatory requirement of the application process. Identification can be provided in the form of a passport or government-issued ID card.

Applicants must complete all documentation and the online applications using the same name, in the same format each time it is shown. The name recorded on the online eligibility application form must match the name on the passport/ID.

Middle names or ‘family’ names such as A/P or D/O are not part of the ID check.

Name change evidence (if applicable)

If the names given on the passport/ID, eligibility application form, medical school degree certificate and/or Dean’s Statement do not match, documentation must be uploaded to Oriel confirming an official name change (for example: deed poll, birth certificate, a copy of a marriage certificate or divorce decree certificate).

Please enter previous names into the personal details section of the application form.

Passport or alternative government-issued ID

All applicants must provide clear, scanned colour copies of the page(s) of their valid, in date passport or government-issued ID. The passport/ID must include all of the following:

– personal details

– nationality

– photograph

– date of birth

– signature (if present)

– date of expiry (must not expire on or before 25 July 2023)

Please ensure the full passport photo page as shown in the example clearly shows the information page with the scanned photograph. Alternatively, a valid (in date) government-issued photo ID card such as a driving license can be provided. All applicants must hold a valid passport to be able to start the training programme in August 2024.

Passport-style photograph

Applicants are required to upload a photograph as part of the eligibility application. This photo must have been taken within the last 12 months and will be used to identify applicants if they are required to undertake the Clinical Assessment. Faces must not be obscured in the photo (for example: should not be wearing sunglasses or any facial covering; hijabs are permitted).

Guidance about suitable photographs is available at: