Degree Qualification and Dean’s Statement FAQs

What do I need to provide as proof of my degree qualification, for an eligibility application?

1: You are required to have a valid medical degree, recognised by the GMC by the start of the programme, in August. You do not need to have obtained the degree at the time of making the eligibility application.

Applicants with digital certificates must provide verification details. 

 If, at the time of application, you have not yet qualified or graduated:

Whilst completing the eligibility application form, you are asked to upload your degree certificate, here you must upload a copy of the Dean’s statement instead. There is a further section in the application form that requires you to upload the Deans statement again. 

If, at the time of application, you have already qualified, graduated and received a certificate:

In the section of the application where you are asked to upload your degree certification you are required to submit a copy of the certificate issued by your Medical School as part of your graduation. 

If, at the time of application, you have already qualified and graduated but have not yet received a certificate:

You must upload a letter from your Dean confirming your qualification with your Eligibility application. Please refer to the Eligibility Applicant Guidance for details on how to do this. This letter is not a replacement for the Dean’s statement.


2: You must provide written confirmation from your medical school Dean (or the Dean’s nominated representative), of your suitability to apply for the programme. This must be provided in the form of a Dean’s statement.

My degree certificate is not in English, can I still apply?

You can still make an eligibility application if your degree certificate is not in English, but an official English translation of the degree certificate must also be provided as part of your application.

Does the Dean’s stamp on the Dean’s Statement need to be in English?

The Dean’s stamp does not need to be in English, but the rest of the Dean’s Statement needs to be completed English.

Does the Dean’s signature need to be an ink signature?

The Dean’s signature can be signed in ink or it can be an official digital signature. We will not accept a Dean’s Statement if the signature is just the Dean’s name typed out.

Does the Dean’s Statement need to be handwritten or typed?

The content of your Dean’s statement needs to be legible and in English. It can be either handwritten or typed.

Who counts as a ‘nominated representative’ for the Dean?

You will need to contact your Medical School’s registrar’s office. They will know who the nominated representative is for your Dean. It cannot be an administrative member of staff.

Once my Medical School Dean has completed my statement, where do I submit it?

Your completed Deans Statement needs to be scanned and uploaded onto the Oriel system as part of your eligibility application.

The UKFPO does not accept completed Deans Statements via email or post. It must be uploaded with your application onto Oriel.

Can I use my Dean’s Statement as proof of English language proficiency?

You can use your Dean’s Statement as proof of your English language proficiency, but only if your Medical School is not on this list:

Do I need to upload all the pages of the Dean’s Statement to my Oriel application?

We would encourage you to include all pages of the Dean’s Statement. However, as a minimum, you must ensure the following sections are included: 

Section 1: Permission to apply

Section 2: Primary Medical Qualification

Section 4: Declaration

(The updated template for FP2024 no longer includes “Section 3 decile ranking” because this information is no longer required for the 2024 allocation process).

Does it matter if I haven’t ticked the completion checklist of the Dean’s Statement?

No, it will not affect your application if the boxes on the checklist are not ticked. You are strongly advised to use the checklist to ensure you have completed all the necessary steps; but this is for your reference only.

I am not able to obtain my Dean’s Statement? 

Please contact the UKFPO at: