Clinical Assessment FAQs

How do I know if I am required to undertake the Clinical Assessment?

If you qualified from medical school 2 years or longer prior to the start of the programme, you must undertake an assessment of your clinical skills in the UK prior to being granted full eligibility.

What does the Clinical Assessment involve?

The primary purpose of this assessment is to determine suitability to start the foundation programme. The assessments will be undertaken by Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust.

I took the Clinical Assessment last year; do I need to take it again?

No. The Clinical Assessment is valid for 2 years.

Can I choose when I take the Clinical Assessment?

No, you cannot choose when to take the assessment. Clinical Assessment will take place over five days, 27th, 28th and 29th October 2021, 01st and 02nd November 2021.

You will be allocated a day and you will also be provided with details of your allocated date and time.

What happens if I fail the Clinical Assessment?

Your application will be deemed ineligible as you will not have met the eligibility criteria for entry to foundation training. Your application will be withdrawn.

What is the cost of the Clinical Assessment?

Applicants who are required to undertake a clinical assessment will be required to pay the full cost of £850 by 03rd September 2021 and this is non-refundable.

If I pay for the Clinical Assessment and my application is later withdrawn for another reason, for example for not passing PLAB, will I receive a refund?


How should I prepare for the exam?

Resources to help applicants prepare will provided closer to the time of the assessment.

What is the required pass mark?

Each station will have its own pass mark that will be determined in advance by a panel of expert teacher and assessors to reflect the degree of difficulty. This is set by the Angoff method and neither the individual nor the examiners will be told the pass mark for a particular station.

When will I receive my results?

Results will be emailed to applicants on 15th November 2021. 

Can I appeal my outcome?

No. In line with Manchester University NHSFT regulations, you cannot appeal against the clinical and academic judgement of an examiner. If you wish to complain that the correct processes and procedures have not been followed during the assessments, you must submit an appeal in writing to the UKFPO, clearly explaining your grounds for the appeal. 

What if I need Reasonable Adjustments?

If you require Reasonable Adjustments, please inform the UKFPO by emailing as soon as possible. Please see the UKFPO “Reasonable Adjustments for Clinical Assessments” guidance. (link guidance).