All foundation doctors have access to an electronic portfolio (e-portfolio).

Your foundation school and/or local education provider will:

  • set up your user account and update it with any in-year changes (for example, change of supervisor, placement dates or specialty).
  • provide you with information on how to access your portfolio such as website address, log-in details and how to get started.
  • explain how you should use your e-portfolio and what the e-portfolio requirements for successful completion of F1/the foundation programme are.
  • support you with any issues you may have when using your e-portfolio, including first-line technical support (for example, if you’re not sure how to log in or where to find a particular form).

All Foundation Schools in England use Horus (provided by Health Education England).

All Foundation Schools in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales use Turas (provided by NHS Education for Scotland)

The Horus and Turas e-portfolio technical teams will resolve any bugs or errors in the system and meet regularly with UKFPO/HEE/NIMDTA/NES/HEIW colleagues to agree on updates and improvements required to the systems.

The exact format of each e-portfolio may vary but they generally include:

  • Personal and Professional Development Plan (PDP)
  • Meetings with your educational and clinical supervisors
  • Assessments
  • Supervised Learning Events (SLEs)
  • Reflective reports and other evidence
  • ARCP