Assessment GuidanceAssessmentFrequency
Guidance for Assessors and DoctorsCore ProceduresThroughout F1
Guidance for Assessors

Guidance for Doctors

Guidance for Educational Supervisors
Team Assessment of Behaviour (TAB)One in the first placement of both F1 and F2, optional repitition
Guidance for Clinical SupervisorsClinical Supervisor End of Placement ReportOnce per placement
Guidance for Educational SupervisorsEducational Supervisor’s End of Placement Report F1

Educational Supervisors End of Placement Report F2
Once per placement (except final placement, when ES end of year report required)
N/AEducational Supervisor’s End of Year Report F1

Educations Supervisor’s End of Year Report F2
Once per year
Guidance for curriculum mappingAll 20 foundation professional capabilities (FPCs) must have between one and five pieces of relevant mapped evidenceThroughout the year
Guidance on Logging Mandatory TeachingAn acceptable attendance record at generic foundation teachingThroughout the year