Oriel FAQs

How do I register on Oriel?

All applications must be submitted through Oriel (national online application system). You must register for an Oriel account here before you can begin any applications.

Applicants who qualified or are expected to qualify from a UK medical school (no more than two years prior to the start of the programme), will be nominated by the medical school. Nominated applicants will be invited to register using the email address and details they were nominated with.

If you are a UK medical student, please do not register prior to being nominated. You will receive details after being nominated. Please refer to the national timeline in the applicant handbook.

Please do not open Oriel in multiple browsers or on multiple devices (i.e. laptop, ipad, smartphone) as your changes may not be saved.

I applied previously and wish to re-apply for a different recruitment year. Can I use my existing account or do I need to re-register?

You are required to create a new account within Oriel.

I am a UK medical school student, how do I register after being nominated?

All applicants nominated by a UK medical school will receive an email with a URL link. If you do not receive this email, please contact your medical school. Nominated applicants will only be able to access the Foundation Programme application process via this link. This is not applicable to applicants who apply via Eligibility.

Once you have followed the link, you will be asked to create a password. The username (email address) and password chosen at this time will be required when accessing the system for all future activity. Applicants are advised to keep their password safe.

You will then be able to log on to Oriel and access the registration pages. Please note, the email address and password must match the original details you were nominated with.

Once you have registered, you will be able to apply for the programmes once the relevant application window opens.

You must select the ‘Foundation’ staff group by clicking on th UKFPO logo from the landing page. Applicants will not be able to access the Foundation application form by selecting ‘Medical and Dental Specialties’ staff group.

If you have previously registered on Oriel under the ‘Medical and Dental Specialties’ staff group, you must register again with a different email address. UK nominees must contact their medical school to request for their email address to be amended on the nomination record to allow you to register again with a new email address.

How do I change my staff group on Oriel?

To change the staff group on your existing account, you will need to go to the profile area (the small person icon in the top right corner of the screen and expand the ‘Account Info’ section. You will then need to click on the ‘edit’ button which will enable you to select ‘Standalone Foundation’ from the list of staff groups. When you save this change, you will see the abbreviation ‘SAFND’ on your profile in ‘Account Info’.

How do I search for vacancies on Oriel?

1. Click on the UK Foundation Programme logo / staff group.

2. Select ‘Vacancies’ from the toolbar across the top of the screen.

3. Select the relevant programme from the drop-down menu entitled ‘I am applying to:’ You may need to untick ‘Foundation’ as an option as this will generate search results for the two-year programme for provisionally registered doctors.

4. Vacancies will appear in the results box for you to select. Click the status box to the right of the vacancy listed.

5. Once you have selected the correct vacancy, you will be directed to the advert information and once the vacancy is open, you will be able to apply by accessing the application form through this next screen.

How do I book an interview slot on Oriel?

To book an interview slot on Oriel, once you have logged into the system, you will need to select the ‘interviews’ tab from your dashboard.

You will be presented with the options available to you.

Once you have selected the type of interview and the date you wish to attend, you will be able to choose a time that is suitable for you.

How do I rank programme preferences on Oriel?

Once the preferencing window has opened, you will be able to rank all available programmes in order of preference by clicking on the ‘applications’ tab from your dashboard on Oriel.

Once you have clicked on the ‘applications’ tab, you will be presented with your application form. Click into your application form.

You will need to navigate to the preferences page of your application form (page 9 of 10). You will then be able to drag and drop individual programmes into one of the three columns and in order of preference. You can also download the preferences in an Excel compatible file.

Programmes which you actively wish to be considered for should be listed in the ‘preference’ column in rank order.

You could receive offers for programmes listed in the ‘no preference’ column.

How do I change my contact information?

Log on to Oriel.

Access your profile by clicking the Profile Icon on your Dashboard. This will display the My Profile page.

You can enter/update your contact information by selecting the Personal Info & Activity dropdown. This information will update on the Oriel portal and not your application. This is not an issue and any further updates can be made with your employer upon successful allocation.

Please note, the UKFPO is unable to change your personal information.

How do I view my FP scores on Oriel?

Log in to your Oriel account and go into your Applications tab on the dashboard.

Click on your Application Summary for your application.

All relevant scores will be displayed on this page.