Right to Work/Visas

This content provides general information about the Right to Work in the UK. We advise individuals requiring advice on immigration matters to seek external support from the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI).

The UKFPO are not immigration specialists. It is not the responsibility of the UKFPO to provide comprehensive information or updates regarding changes to immigration law.

Right to Work Information

Although every effort has been made to ensure that this guidance is accurate and up-to date at the time of publication, the right for overseas citizens to work in the UK is governed by legislation which may change from time to time, and is ultimately a matter for Parliament and the courts. The UKFPO accepts no responsibility or liability where the content of this guidance is relied upon and later found to be inaccurate, or legislation is changed. You are advised to check the up-to-date position regularly.

UK Home Office

Applying to work as a European doctor in the UK

Immigration rules and the points-based system

The UK’s points-based immigration system – further details

Settlement and permanent residency

EU or EEA family permit

UK ancestry

Family members of EEA citizens

National Sponsorship Teams/Contacts

Tier 2 Visa has now changed to Skilled Worker visa. The UKFPO do not arrange the Skilled Worker sponsorship, this is arranged by the National Sponsorship Teams which are as follows:

Health Education England – (previously Tier 2) ‘Skilled Worker’ Sponsorship@hee.nhs.uk

Wales Deanery – NWSSP.EmploymentServices.Enablement@wales.nhs.uk

The Northern Ireland Medical and Dental Training Agency (NIMDTA) – tier2.nimdta@hscni.net

NHS Education for Scotland (NES) – tier2sponsorship@nes.scot.nhs.uk

Tier 4 sponsorship has now changed to Student Visa. A Student Visa is arranged by the sponsorship team at HEE. This is a programme specific visa. The contact details are as follows:

Health Education England – (previously Tier 4) ‘Student Visa’ StudentSponsorship@hee.nhs.uk

Right to Work Information Required at the Point of Application

Applicants can submit one of the following if they are a UK national:

Passport page(s)containing your personal details; including nationality, photograph, date of birth, signature (if applicable), date of expiry and biometric detail

Home Office issued application registration card (colour copy of the front and back of the card)

Birth certificate issued in the UK which specifies the names of your parents plus a copy of a formal document from a previous employer or authority showing your name and national insurance number

Certificate of Registration or Naturalisation as a British Citizen.

If they are not a UK National, they can submit one of the following:

A photocopy of a passport page that indicates your right to work status

A photocopy of both sides (front and back) of the Biometric card issued by UK Border Agency showing that I have the right to work

A photocopy of Home Office/UK Border Agency documents indicating that I have the right to work in the UK

If you do not have right to work in the UK , please select the option “I wish to send in right to work as per the deadline in the eligibility applicant guidance”. This will indicate that you would like to be sponsored if you are eligible and allocated to a post.  

More information on Right to Work/Visas can be found on our Right to Work/Visas FAQs page.