This section is where you can share information about yourself that may impact on your training but doesn’t require any formal changes to be made to the way you work. It is your chance to flag issues that you would like your foundation school to know about.

You do not have to add anything to this section; it is there purely to give the opportunity to share information you think might be helpful.

You have recently experienced family bereavement, and it has had an impact on your emotional wellbeing.

You have caring responsibilities.

Your family circumstances mean that you are required to provide an above average level of support to family members.

You have previously experienced a one-off period of mental ill health but now feel well.

Declaring these types of issue to your foundation school allows them to provide you with an appropriate level of support.

Providing you with an educational supervisor who has experience relevant to your needs.

Signposting local support groups; for example, bereavement support groups or groups for those recovering from an eating disorder.

Signposting employee services provided by your local Foundation School/Deanery or employing organisation.

Providing additional meetings with your educational supervisor to make sure you are ok and accessing the support you may require.