Personal performance and skills

In this section you are asked to say whether you needed any reasonable adjustments or additional educational support to help you meet educational outcomes. This information will be used by foundation schools to consider whether they will need to provide any additional support once you start your training.

Whether you have needed special equipment to help you carry out practical procedures. For example, an amplified stethoscope to carry out chest examinations.

Whether you needed additional support with learning communication skills whilst you were at medical school.

If you find time management difficult and required additional support with this at medical school.

Providing sessions in simulation or clinical skills labs to allow you to practise areas of work you find difficult.

Additional coaching sessions to help increase skills and confidence in communicating in clinical situations.

Investigating whether any additional special equipment needs to be put in place to help you carry out clinical skills.

If you trained in a medical school outside of the UK, you may wish to refer to the GMC document “Outcomes for graduates – Practical skills and procedures“. This document sets out the clinical procedures UK graduates must be able to do by the time they graduate. If having read the document, you think there are areas or skills that you were not taught at your medical school please highlight this in your STEP form. This will allow foundation schools to offer you additional learning opportunities to help you gain these skills.