Extended Shadowing for F1 Doctors in 2021

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Extra Support for New Generation of UK Doctors

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this year’s UK medical school graduates have had unprecedented disruption to their training. New FY1 doctors will have the required skills but may feel more anxious and be less comfortable in their new clinical environments compared to their predecessors.

In response, the Departments of Health in England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, and Health Education and Improvement Wales (as part of its delegated responsibility), have agreed to support an extra 5 days’ shadowing for FY1 trainees in 2021, in recognition that this additional paid commitment is to help compensate for some of the disrupted learning and experiences arising from Covid-related impacts. This is in addition to the usual period of shadowing, to enable new FY1 doctors more fully adapt to their new surroundings and colleagues, and to develop their confidence. The extra period of shadowing, to be organised through the UK Foundation Schools, will also be helpful to those who have graduated overseas and will be unfamiliar with the NHS.

Attendance at the extra shadowing period will not be mandatory, but UK Foundation School Directors feel that this is an important opportunity for new FY1 doctors to get to know senior medical colleagues in their team, meet the other healthcare professionals in their new workplace, and become familiar with their new clinical environment.

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