F2 Stand-alone

The UK Foundation Programme Office are looking to recruit doctors who hold or are eligible for full registration with the General Medical Council (GMC) to work in recognised F2 Stand-alone training programmes as part of the UK Foundation Programme. Applicants are invited to apply for F2 level posts across the four nations of the UK.

Trainees will have the opportunity to gain experience in a series of placements in a variety of specialties / healthcare settings and will be offered the same educational resource and teaching opportunities as F2 trainees on two-year programmes.

Foundation Year 2

In Foundation Year 2 (F2) doctors remain under clinical supervision (as do all doctors in training) but take on increasing responsibility for patient care. In particular, they begin to make management decisions as part of their progress towards independent practice. F2 doctors further develop their core generic skills and contribute more to the education and training of the wider healthcare workforce e.g. nurses, medical students and less experienced doctors. At the end of F2 they will have begun to demonstrate clinical effectiveness, leadership and the decision-making responsibilities that are essential for hospital and general practice specialty training.

Satisfactory completion of F2 will lead to the award of a Foundation Programme Certificate of Completion (FPCC) which indicates that the foundation doctor is ready to enter a core, specialty or general practice training programme.

The recruitment for the Standlone Programmes for 2019 has now been concluded.

Information on our F1 and F2 Standalone Programmes for 2020 will be published in December 2019.

The documents on this page should be referred to for information only. They are subject to change during each recruitment cycle.  

Key process for F2 Stand-alone recruitment

F2 Stand-alone Recruitment Process


Comparison of 2-year programmes to F2 Stand-alone programmes

Two-Year Foundation Programme (FP)

F2 Stand-alone Programmes

Provisional registration with the GMC

Full registration with the GMC

Two-year programme allocations

One-year fixed-term posts

FP Curriculum and Reference Guide

FP Curriculum and Reference Guide

Clinical and Educational Supervisor

Clinical and Educational Supervisor

Foundation Programme Certificate of Completion (FPCC) upon satisfactory completion of the F2

Foundation Programme Certificate of Completion (FPCC) upon satisfactory completion of the F2

Access to the online foundation ePortfolio

Access to the online foundation ePortfolio


Recruitment Timeline for F2 Stand-alone


Recruitment Activity

Tuesday 1st – Thursday 31st January 2019 12:00 GMT

Application window on Oriel. Late applications will not be considered under any circumstances.

By Thursday 7th February 2019

Central longlisting to be completed

Monday 11th February 2019

Clinician-led longlisting panels convene to consider desirable criteria

Monday 18th February 2019

Longlisting outcomes released to applicants

Thursday 21st February 2019

Applicants invited to book interview slots on Oriel

Thursday 28th February 2019

Closing date for applicants to book interviews on Oriel

Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th March 2019

Interviews. Applicants will attend a 20-minute panel interview using national scoring criteria

Monday 18th March 2019

Interview outcomes released to applicants

Tuesday 19th – Tuesday 26th March 2019

Applicants invited to preference individual programmes on Oriel.

The full national recruitment timeline can be found here