2022 UK Foundation Programme (FP) oversubscription update

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The UK Foundation Programme Office (UKFPO) announced in December 2021 that we had received 9,275 applications, which is 1,508 applications more than the number of Foundation places normally available. This means that the Foundation Programme is oversubscribed again this year, as has been the case for the past several years.

The primary list allocation results were released on the 10 March (see the UKFPO Allocation Statement for more information). A total of 8,209 foundation training places were filled (this includes additional posts created for FP2022) and 791 applicants were placed on a reserve list. We would like to reassure applicants on our reserve list, who may be feeling anxious, that we are currently working very hard to find additional places for everyone who needs one.

The UKFPO is funded for a set number of foundation posts each year and works with the four UK Health Departments to increase the number of posts if the programme is oversubscribed. We also work closely with UK medical schools to better predict the number of graduates each year, however due to the significant and increasing number of applications we receive through the eligibility office, the final number of applicants is not known until applications close in the autumn.

What happens next? 

All applicants on the reserve list will be allocated to a Foundation School in April 2022. Their exact rotation details (including the hospitals at which they will work) will not be known until later in the process, but all relevant applicants will be notified of this detail as soon as possible.  

Historically around 7% of applicants withdraw between applying for and the start of the FP, and we expect to see a similar figure again this year. We will be using the experience and learning gained from previous years to do the very best we can for applicants, including those on the reserve list. For more information see our detailed UKFP 2022 Oversubscription Guide for Applicants

Previous important FP2022 notices (“National Allocation Release Time” and “SJT Sample Questions Review Outcome”) have been archived to the Reports page.