UKFPO Bulletin: 04 October 2021

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I’ve become quite involved in the world of genomics recently both in my role as chair of the AoMRC Foundation Programme Committee and as a general paediatrician.  The science has moved forward a long way since I was at medical school (and we called it genetics) now reaching a point where we can sequence whole genomes leading to accurate diagnosis and in many cases prognosis in the fields of congenital abnormalities, inherited conditions, response to drug therapy and cancer.  The whole concept is very exciting and helps us move towards increasingly targeted person centred care.

It’s taken me some time for me to get up to speed and, for those who are interested, I can thoroughly recommend the eLfH genomics modules.   For those with even more of an interest, there are details below of an event giving insights into a career in research into the field (which is, reassuringly to me at least, called ‘genetics’).  (Remember FPC13: Understanding medicine: understand the breadth of medical practice and plan a career.)

Tony Choules, Operational Advisor to the UKFPO 

Events, Information and Opportunities from External Partners 

Genetics Research Matters online event – Wednesday 13 October & Thursday 14 October 2021, 14:00-17:00 each day. 

The NIHR CRN Genetics Specialty Group have organised an online event, the focus of which is to support those considering a career in genetics research, as well as raising awareness of key CRN initiatives operating in the space and showcasing key studies from the Genetics portfolio.  

Day One themes (Wednesday 13 October):   

  1. Overview of the Clinical Research Network and the Genetics Specialty 
  2. Key Considerations for Genetics Research 
  3.  Concurrent Breakout sessions:   

3a. Practical advice on developing research opportunities + Q&A session 

3b. Genetic Research Practitioners Network – bringing the national recruitment community together + Q&A session 

Day Two themes (Thursday 14 October): 

  1. Genetics Specialty Research Portfolio: Impact and Range (Case Studies) 
  2. Looking to the future (NIHR Remote Trial Delivery Project, NIHR INCLUDE Project, The Genome UK) 

Interested? Please complete this Registration Form 

The event is free to attend. Places are limited and will be confirmed via email, so please don’t delay registering.  

Please note, the event will be recorded. Attendees will be asked to mute microphones and disable cameras.  

If you have any questions or queries regarding the event, please do get in touch via 

Joint Foundation Sharing Event 17th March 2022 – Call for Papers and Registration Form

The UKFPO and NACT UK are again hosting the annual ‘Sharing Best Practice’ day on Thursday 17th March 2022 at the Macdonald Burlington Hotel, Birmingham.  It is anticipated that this will be face to face meeting.

Previous year’s evaluation from the delegates suggested that having the Foundation School “Best Educational Innovation” was much appreciated and worked well. Please use the registration form if you are interested in participating.  



Improving Surgical Training – statement to trainees

HEE have agreed to pause the recruitment to ALLIST posts in England for 2022. The number of surgical training places will be maintained as posts will be added back into core surgical recruitment.

Wales and Scotland will continue to recruit to run through IST.

Please click here to read the letter to all doctors on the IST programme, sent on behalf of Professor Sheona MacLeod, Deputy Medical Director, Education Reform, Health Education England

Foundation elearning programme update – October 2021

The most important skill that a Doctor in Training can develop is to know the limits of their competence. When should you call for help?

Available in elearning for healthcare’s Foundation Programme (2021 curriculum) – these sessions cover areas in your curriculum on; FPC 1: Clinical Assessment, FPC 2: Clinical Prioritisation, FPC 3: Holistic Planning, FPC 4: Communication and Care, FPC 5: Continuity of Care, FPC 6: Sharing the Vision, FPC 9: Quality Improvement and FPC 12: Continuing Professional Development:

You can sign on to the elearning with your login supplied by elearning for healthcare at any time during your foundation training.

Horus and Turas have deep links to elearning for healthcare sessions from the Foundation curriculum and therefore accessible to all trainees, making it quicker and easy to access the appropriate session linked to the curriculum.