Top tips for embedding sustainability into your QI work

  1. Find out what your organisation is already doing and what, if any, local support and resources are available.
  2. Engage relevant stakeholders. 

When studying the system try to include others who might have a different perspective or more information on the current system you are working in. Never forget to keep patients at the centre of any improvements you make – including their voice is invaluable.

3. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel. 

You don’t have to come up with a big new idea to make a positive change. Find out what work has already been done locally, and there is a wealth of information on successful SusQI projects which can be implemented or adapted where you work.

Resource library | Sustainable Healthcare Networks Hub

Greener NHS » System progress (

4. Ask for help. 

It is easy to feel overwhelmed with dealing with such complex issues. Consider reaching out to your employer’s sustainability lead (if available) for help or attend educational courses to learn more about sustainability in healthcare and network with other likeminded health professionals.