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Reserve List Allocation Update April 2022

Please click here to view a document which provides information about the allocation of applicants who were placed on the […]

2022 Foundation Programme Allocation Update –  21 April 2022 

The UKFPO is pleased to confirm that all remaining 787 Foundation Programme reserve list applicants were allocated to a Unit […]

National Foundation Doctor Presentation Day (NFDPD) 2022 – Prize Winners

A huge thank you everyone who joined us on Friday 28 January to participate in the National Foundation Doctors Presentation […]

UKFP 2023 entry

The following two statements were released in November 2020 and December 2020 in relation to the 2023 Foundation Programme. UKFP […]

A response to queries regarding ‘sample paper with rationale’: 11th January 2022

The UKFPO would like to apologise to those applicants who were left anxious and worried about the Situational Judgement Test […]

SJT Sample paper with rationale: UKFPO statement 16 December 2021

The UK Foundation Programme (UKFPO) has received correspondence from a number of parties regarding the ‘sample paper with rationale’ we […]

2022 UK Foundation Programme (FP) Application Statement

At the close of the national application period on Wednesday 22 September 2021, the UK Foundation Programme Office (UKFPO) had […]