The post is open to current Foundation year 1 doctors who are expecting to obtain an ARCP outcome 1 at the end of their current F1 year, to apply to serve as UKFPO Fellows for the duration of their F2 year (August to July).  

The Fellow post is only open to those who are completing a 2 Year Foundation Programme in the UK and are nearing the end of their Foundation year 1. If you are in the process of applying for the F2 Stand-alone programme, you are not eligible to apply. 

LTFT/out of sync F1 doctors are eligible to apply for the UKFPO fellowship. Logistics will be discussed with the candidate upon a successful outcome at interview.

Yes, please email expressing you wish to be in contact with the current fellows and we will inform them to approach you via the email address you provide.

The successful post-holder will spend an average of 1 day per week (0.2 WTE) working on a relevant project and will be supported to acquire skills in healthcare leadership and management by attendance at a relevant course and through supervision. The remaining time in the working week (0.8 WTE) will be spent on standard clinical duties within the post-holder’s existing F2 programme.   

Applications are submitted via a Microsoft Form. In section 3 of the form, please ensure you do not exceed 150 words per answer. All answers will be capped at 150 words before being presented to the shortlisting panel. Splitting your answers into paragraphs will not impact your application.  

Once you have submitted your application form you will be redirected to a thank you message with the option to download your submission, please note you will not receive an automatic email but we have received your submission and will contact you shortly.

Please do not re-submit your application, please email with the corrections and we will make a note of them. 

The application window will close once we have received 100 applications or when the deadline date as noted in the advert has passed.

The form consists of three sections noted below:  

– Personal details 

– Employing organisation/ Foundation school details 

– Four written statements (each 150 words) regarding the motivations for applying. All answers will be capped at 150 words before being presented to the shortlisting panel. The four questions will not be released before the application period.  

In the application form, applicants are required to detail their current F1 Foundation school and Foundation School Director in question 7, 8 and 9. In the Proforma, applicants are required to note: 

– Applicant Details – Applicants F1 details 

– Foundation school details – Signed and dated by the Foundation School Director

– Employing Organisation details – Signed and dated by a representative from the applicants F2 employing organisation

The F2 employing organisation representative can either be the educational supervisor or someone from the medical staffing team.