2022 National Academic Foundation Programme conference

Registration is now open for the academic foundation programme conference which is taking place on 11th June 2022. See the […]

2022 UK Foundation Programme (FP) oversubscription update

The UK Foundation Programme Office (UKFPO) announced in December 2021 that we had received 9,275 applications, which is 1,508 applications more […]

2022 Foundation Programme Allocation Update –  21 April 2022 

The UKFPO is pleased to confirm that all remaining 787 Foundation Programme reserve list applicants were allocated to a Unit […]

Reserve List Allocation Update April 2022

Please click here to view a document which provides information about the allocation of applicants who were placed on the […]

UKFPO Fellowship – Recruitment for August 2022

Applications are now closed. To find out more about what the UKFPO Fellowship involves, please read this short blurb from […]

UKFPO Bulletin: 13 April 2022

UKFPO Bulletin: 03 February 2022

2022 National Academic Foundation Programme Conference

The University of Bristol will host the National Academic Foundation Programme Conference in June 2022 Venue: Wills Memorial Building, University […]

UKFPO Bulletin: 23 November 2021

Tony Choules, Faculty and Operational Advisor to the UKFPO  With the majority of our Foundation doctors coming into the second […]