What if you get a low SJT Score?

There is no pre-set minimum score which you must achieve in the SJT, in order to get onto the Foundation Programme. If you get a lower SJT score, you will end up with a lower overall Educational Performance Measure (EPM) score. The effect of this is that you may be less likely to be allocated to the Foundation Schools which you rank higher during your application.

Every year there may be may be a small group of applicants who will be withdrawn from the UKFP 2021 national application process because they have an exceptionally low SJT score. As mentioned above there is not a pre-set minimum score that you must achieve; rather we take the lowest scoring in each cohort, who are withdrawn from the application process.

If you find yourself in this group, there will be an opportunity for you to attend an exceptionally low scoring review. If the outcome of your review is successful, your application will be reinstated. If you are unsuccessful, or choose not to attend the review, your application will remain withdrawn, but you can still reapply to the foundation programme next year. The outcome will have no effect on future applications. Applicants who are identified as having an exceptionally low SJT score will be contacted individually in February 2021 and invited to attend a review of their SJT outcome.