References FAQs

My referee is unable to complete my reference as they are locked out of their Oriel account.

The UK Foundation Programme Office can unlock your refereeā€™s Oriel account. Please email the helpdesk at

My referee has clicked on the link in the email and is seeing an error message.

The referee does not have the use the link in order to supply a reference. Please ask your referee to log directly into their account on Oriel ( to complete the reference.

My referee has logged into Oriel but cannot find my name to complete the reference.

Referees often have multiple Oriel accounts of their own, and each one will be connected to a different email address. They may not have been logging into the account connected to the email address that you supplied in your application.

Check that your referee is logging into Oriel using the email address you entered in the reference page of your application. If they are not doing this then they will need to do so in order to provide your reference.

My reference is outstanding in Oriel, but my referee states they have completed it.

If your reference is outstanding in Oriel then it has not been submitted. Sometimes a referee might accidentally forget to submit the application after writing and saving it. Ask your referee to log into Oriel and submit the reference.

My referee has missed the deadline to submit my reference in Oriel.

In this situation, your employing organisation (the trust where you will be working as of August 2020) will contact you and ask you to provide the missing reference offline.

I want to change my referee details.

You can log into your application on Oriel and change your reference details, up until the reference period has closed or until the referee has submitted a reference. At this point is no longer possible to change your referee or any of their details.