Psychiatry Foundation Fellowship (PFF)

You MUST apply for Foundation Programme (FP) before applying to Psychiatry Foundation Fellowship (PFF) or Foundation Priority Programme (FPP)

Following the publication of Health Education England’s (HEE) Foundation Review, the Royal College of Psychiatrists, in collaboration with the UK Foundation Programme Office (UKFPO) seek to appoint to forty (40) Psychiatry Foundation Fellowship (PFF) Programmes across England. The fellowships will last for the duration of the foundation programme, i.e. two years. During this time, trainees will be supported through the Foundation Programme and into Core Training. Applicants will be required to attend an interview as part of the selection process.

As well as having access to educational opportunities relevant to psychiatry e.g. funded attendance at relevant conferences, on-line learning and psychiatry journals trainees will also access funded weekly psychiatric supervision and be able to attend reflective Balint groups. The aim of these opportunities is to introduce a strong emphasis on the psychological aspects of medicine throughout the foundation programme to enhance the educational opportunities afforded in non-psychiatric rotations for those keen to develop expertise in this area. Fellows may also choose to be linked to College faculties to provide additional mentoring in a potential sub-specialty of psychiatry of interest (e.g. child and adolescent, perinatal etc).

Offers for these posts will be made prior to national allocation to foundation schools for standard Foundation Programmes (FP). Detailed information can be found in the document bank below. 

For more information on the programme, the Royal College of Pychiatrists website can be accessed here.

Additional Information:


Applications will have a maximum score of 100 points and this will consist of two components:

Educational Performance Measure (EPM) – 50 points maximum 

Situational Judgement Test (SJT) – 50 points maximum 

The EPM and SJT are added together to make the total score. From this, the applicants are then matched in accordance with their score and preference.

Educational Performance Measure (EPM)

The EPM is a measure of clinical and non-clinical skills, knowledge and performance up to the point of application. The EPM comprises two elements: medical school performance in deciles for which 34-43 points are available, and educational achievements, which are worth up to 7 points. A maximum of 50 points is available.

All applicants applying to the Foundation Programme, including the Academic Foundation Programme, will be awarded an EPM score. Please click here to view the 2020 EPM Framework.

Situational Judgement Test (SJT)

The SJT is an assessment methodology designed to test aptitude for employment and the professional attributes expected of a Foundation doctor, as defined in the National Person Specification. It is used for selection to the Foundation Programme together with the Educational Performance Measure and presents applicants with hypothetical work-relevant scenarios asking for non-clinical judgments about possible responses.

While the evaluation of the SJT for selection to the Foundation Programme is ongoing, research into SJTs as a measurement methodology shows that they are a valid and reliable selection tool and can help predict later job performance.

The SJT is taken under invigilated conditions and consists of 70 questions in 2.4 hours. It contains 2 question formats: rank 5 possible responses in order and select the three most appropriate responses. 

A maximum of 50 points is available.

All applicants are required to take the SJT.

Tier 4

Non-UK/non-EEA nationals who graduate from a UK medical school wishing to undertake a recognised, 2-year full-time Foundation Programme (including academic programmes) are eligible to apply for Tier 4 sponsorship.

This is provided by Health Education England (HEE) working across West Midlands.

Applicant queries regarding Tier 4 visas should be sent to

UKFP 2019: Tier 4 Key Dates for Applicants

UKFP 2019: Tier 4 Visa Sponsorship Process

UKFP 2019: Tier 4 Activity Report Form

Supporting Trainees Entering Practice (STEP)

We are currently developing the STEP process. Information will be available soon.