Eligibility Applications UKFP 2023 – Dean’s Statement

Dean’s Statement

Eligibility Applications UKFP 2023

Key Documents

The Dean’s Statement must be completed by all applicants who are required to apply via the eligibility process. The updated 2023 template must be used and can be found via the link below.

UKFP 2023 Eligibility Applications – Dean’s Statement template

Applicants are required to upload a scanned copy of the UKFPO templated statement onto the Oriel application system. The statement must be signed by the medical school Dean (or appropriately nominated representative. This cannot be an administrative staff member).

The uploaded statement can be either a colour or black and white scan. If any amendments have been made to the Dean’s Statement, this must be counter signed by the Dean (or their nominated representative).

The Dean’s Statement can be hand-written (blue or black ink accepted) or typed, however we will not accept a Dean’s Statement if the signature is filled in by only typing the Dean’s name out. It must be an official digital signature or signed in ink.

The date of qualification to be provided on the Dean’s Statement is the date on which the University Board agree the result, issues a pass list and notifies students of the result. It is not the date of graduation or ceremony when they received their degree certificate.

If you applied for UKFP 2023 and would like to re-apply for UKFP 2024 and anticipate difficulty obtaining an updated Dean’s Statement from your medical school, please contact the UKFPO at: helpdesk@foundationprogramme.nhs.uk