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UKFP 2021 High-level Timeline


UKFP 2021: Eligibility Applicant Guidance – A comprehensive overview of the eligibility application process, for those who need to submit eligibility applications for 2021. (Please be advised that this guidance is subject to change in light of external dependencies and in particular, in regard to the current public health pandemic. The UKFPO will provide updates, as necessary.)

UKFP 2021: Reasonable Adjustments for Clinical Assessment

Foundation Programme

UKFP2021 Person Specification

UKFP 2021 Applicant’s Presentation – A presentation for prospective applicants for FP 2021, providing a brief overview of the Foundation Programme and the application process.

UKFP 2021 Applicant’s Handbook – A handbook for prospective applicants for FP 2021, providing comprehensive instructions/guidance concerning the application process for UKFP 2021.

Foundation Programme Information 2021

HEE Resource Pack – to help doctors in Foundation training

UKFP 2021 F2 Stand-alone Applicant Guidance – A comprehensive overview of the F2 Stand-alone process for the 2021 training year.

Special Circumstances

The Special Circumstances process is now closed for applicants to UKFP2021.

Special Circumstances: Checklist for Applicants

Special Circumstances: Applicant Guidance

Special Circumstances: Medical School Guidance

Special Circumstances Application Form

Important: the application form is required to be in a specific format. To open the form:

·       Select the link above – it will open a loading page.

·       Whilst on the loading page, navigate to the toolbar and select ‘Download’.

·       This will download the PDF to your computer’s ‘Downloads’ folder.

·       You can now open the PDF from within your computer’s ‘Downloads’ folder. You cannot view or edit the form in your browser.

Helpful tips:

You need to have a semi up-to-date version of Adobe Reader.

If you’re using a Mac, it has its own version of a PDF Reader that will not work, so make sure you’re using Adobe’s one.

Make sure you are not opening the form in a browser, please navigate to where the file has downloaded to in your file explorer and open it from there.

Educational Performance Measure
F2 Stand-alone


Information for Reserve List Applicants
Programme Documents

UKFP 2020 Blood Borne Viruses

UK Foundation Guide – A comprehensive catalogue of responsibilities, regulations and processes involved in the Foundation Programme, covering applicants, Foundation Schools and the UKFPO.

UKFP Rough Guide – An overview of the content and curriculum of the Foundation Programme.

UKFP Rough Guide to Academic Foundation Programme

COVID-19 and the UK Foundation Programme (this will take you to a page with more information about our response)

UKFPO FP Applications Webinar – October 2020

SJT 2020
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Information for Reserve List Applicants
Programme Documents