The Foundation Programme Curriculum sets out the framework for educational progression that will support the first two years of professional development following graduation from medical school. Under the Curriculum, foundation doctors have to demonstrate that they are competent in a number of areas including communication and consultation skills, patient safety and team work as well as the more traditional elements of medical training.


Curriculum & Guidance

Reference Guide


Prescribing Safety Assessment


Assessment Guidance Assessment Frequency
N/A e-Portfolio Comtemporaneous
Guidance for Assessors & Doctors Core Procedures Throughout F1

Guidance for Assessors

Guidance for Doctors

Guidance for Educational Supervisors

Team Assessment of Behaviour (TAB) Once in the first placement of both F1 and F2, optional repetition
Guidance for Clinical Supervisors Clinical Supervisor End of Placement Report Once per placement
Guidance for Educational Supervisors Educational Supervisor's End of Placement Report

Once per placement (except final placement, when only ES end of year report required)

N/A Educational Supervisor's End of Year Report Once per year

Supervised Learning Events

Supervised Learning Event Guidance Supervised Learning Event Recommended Minimum 

DOPS Guidance for Doctors and Trainers

Mini-CEX Guidance for Doctors and Trainers



3 or more per placement* 

(minimum of nine observations; at least six must be mini-CEX)

Guidance for Doctors and Trainers Case-Based Discussion 2 or more per placement*
Guidance for Doctors and Trainers Developing the Clinical Teacher 1 or more per year

*based on a clinical placement of four month duration